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Wear for special occasions, or everyday to spice up a more classic look, the cuff is THE statement piece for your wrist. Available with or without stones, solid or openwork, our various cuffs give you a lot of choice.

How do I combine other bracelets with a cuff ?

Contrary to popular belief, cuffs pair very well with other bracelets, so don't be afraid to go overboard and load up your wrist, they're made for it! With a bangle or fine chain bracelet wrapped around your wrist, you can try anything! You can also experiment with mixing gold and silver! You'll be trendy either way, so dare to play with all your bracelets and create new looks every day.

But how to choose the perfect cuff ?

Whatever you're preference, feel free to experiment with all kinds of combinations to find the right match. Go feminine with precious stones, discreet with a simple and timeless cuff , daring with openwork patterns... in short, have fun! You'll find your perfect piece !