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Bring a touch of originality to any size necklace by sliding one of our pendants onto it. The soft finesse of our jewelry works with all styles. Initials, tassels or medallions, the choice is yours !

Stuck on how to choose a pendant for your necklace ?

Don't be afraid to go wild with combinations. The secret is to be creative, and use your imagination to create a custom necklace that's unique to you. Add some tassels, medallions or letter charms (with filigree texture to catch the light) to your necklace. Need a gift idea? Declare your love to that special someone with a letter charm. This symbol of your devotion will be worn daily.

Not sure how to personalize a look with pendants ?

For a complete look, you need a necklace that matches your personality perfectly. Designed in Paris, our pendants let you personalize your necklace, elegantly showing off your neckline. Feminine and chic, our pendants rest on your neck and can be worn everywhere: at work under a shirt, everyday under a sweater or tee, even with a fancy dress! If you want to layer necklaces, our chains and pendants go perfectly with our chokers. It's time to have fun with lengths! Don't be afraid to layer necklaces for a trendy look.