Although our story began in back in 2012, it wasn’t until 2017 that we embarked on a new creative path to become L’Atelier Emma&Chloé. Since then, L’Atelier Emma&Chloé has been imagining and designing jewelry with sincerity and passion. With each collection, we draw our inspiration from you, from travel, from the past, but also from what we believe will be future trends. Our story was written because of you and it is also thanks to you that it continues to unfold throughout these wonderful years.


The story of Emma&Chloé began in 2012 with an idea that seemed a little crazy at the time…a monthly Box. We traveled across the country in search of the most talented creators so that, every month, we could make our small contribution to promoting and showcasing French artisans. But soon, with time, our passion grew, and we were overcome by a burning desire to sketch our first creations, to design our own collections… In December 2017, L’Atelier Emma&Chloé was born.  A new page, a fresh approach.  Not a revolution, but a smooth transition towards a new more creative, more assertive, more committed identity.
Many of you very quickly embraced this project and supported us, giving us the strength and energy to achieve, and even surpass, our goals.  
Since 2017, our collections have continued to evolve with new designs and materials and we now offer unique pieces every month. We are experiencing a kind of creative frenzy.


We are committed to designing jewelry for every woman, which is why layering and customization are at the heart of all our collections.  For example, we offer a choice of nine different gemstones, engravable medallions, charms that can be worn stacked on our chains, hoop earrings and bracelets, allowing you to experiment with different pieces and mix and match them to express your unique personality.
All our jewelry has been designed for you in our Paris workshop and is perfect for every-day wear and for life’s special moments. 
Each elegant piece is meticulously handcrafted by our designers with the same attention to detail and elegance as luxury jewelry.
It all begins as an inspiration that can come from anywhere: an exhibition, the architecture of a building, travel… Hand-drawn sketches quickly follow.  They are reworked and refined until a collection is designed. From there, our designers create product specification sheets, one by one, to determine precise measurements fora wax model and then a mold for a prototype.  
The next step is the production stage where we rely onthe know-how of our partner ateliers.


We are committed to quality, esthetics and transparency, and pay special attention to design and the choice of materials. 
All our jewelry pieces are lead-free, cadmium-free and nickel-free and comply with the European REACH standards.  We mainly use brass, either gilded in fine gold or rhodium-plated, as this metal is known for its capacity to be easily recycled again and again. We have recently introduced stainless steel into our collections due to the quality and durability of this material.  The natural gemstones we use for our jewelry are individually hand-cut and, as a result, their hue varies from one stone to another, making each piece unique.  All our creations are handcrafted, following the same exacting standards for high-end jewelry, and respecting the unique know-how of skilled and passionate craftsmen and craftswomen.

Jewelry-making is a challenging and exacting business that requires the collaboration of trusted experts and partners. Our workshops located in Southeast Asia and Central Asia, renowned for their gemstones and ancestral know-how, have been collaborating with us for years and are an integral part of our teams. Our designers are in daily contact with them for help with developing all our collections, advice, sourcing, etc. We have lost count of the hours spent brainstorming together on the choice of new materials, researching new textures or discussing how to solve this or that technical problem! In addition, to ensure the very best for our customers, our workshops are inspected regularly, and we visit the sites as often as necessary to personally monitor our production and meet the teams in charge of our collections.

Creation. Passion. Know-how. These are our core values.
We will be by your side, right from the beginning of our adventure together and beyond…